The shellac production has a tradition in Bremen

The shellac production has a tradition in BremenIn 1893, Bernhards & Stroever was founded, initially as a trading house, mainly importing copal (a natural resin) and raw shellac. Following the development of a special process the company soon concentrated exclusively on the refining of shellac.

In 1961, Stroever & Co. combined its shellac production at plants in Hamburg and Mainz under the name of Kalkhof GmbH Petersen & Stroever KG (KPS). Later the production was brought together in Mainz and Bremen, at last to be concentrated in Bremen. Under the name KPS, shellac products from Bremen have acquired a world-wide reputation for their high quality.

Since 1995, the company headquarter has also been located in Bremen again. With the traditional name Stroever, Stroever Schellack Bremen (SSB) as a family owned company unites the innovation potential of a new generation with the wealth of experience over 125 years in shellac production.

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