The shellac production has a tradition in Bremen

The shellac production has a tradition in BremenIn 1893, Bernhards & Stroever was founded, initially as a trading house, mainly importing copal (a natural resin) and raw shellac. Following the development of a special process the company soon concentrated exclusively on the refining of shellac.

In 1961, Stroever & Co. combined its shellac production at plants in Hamburg and Mainz under the name of Kalkhof GmbH Petersen & Stroever KG (KPS). Later the production was brought together in Mainz and Bremen, at last to be concentrated in Bremen. Under the name KPS, shellac products from Bremen have acquired a world-wide reputation for their high quality.

Since 1995, the company headquarter has also been located in Bremen again. With the traditional name Stroever, Stroever Schellack Bremen (SSB) as a family owned company unites the innovation potential of a new generation with the wealth of experience over 125 years in shellac production.

In 2020, a significant expansion in the form of a hall and an office building will be built at the traditional location in the Muggenburg quarter of Bremen's Überseestadt. The realization was supported with funds from the federal government and the state of Bremen. As a passionate producer of natural products, environmental protection is of course very important to SSB. In the future, waste heat from production will be used for heating all year round and with the new photovoltaic system there is now its own energy generation, which is also used for cooling in summer.

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