Information about our products

Schellack - Anwendung für die LebensmittelindustrieBeside other natural products our range of products includes other dewaxed and waxy Shellacs in different forms.

Offered Shellacs and other Waxes:

  • SSB Flake Shellac
    • SSB 55 ASTRA FL
    • SSB 56 SONNE FL
    • SSB 57 LUNA FL
    • SSB 58 KOMET FL
    • SSB 60 PRIMA FL
    • SB 61 BONA FL
  • Machinemade Lemon 1
  • TN Orange
  • Dewaxed Garnet
  • 3-Circles (white, bleached Shellac in powder form)
  • Shellacwax (raw and filtered)
  • Shellac Platina, Superblonde, Blonde and others

Are you looking for other Shellac-Products which are not mentioned? Do not hesitate to contact us! Based on our long experience with natural products, we could almost enable everything regarding Shellac.
Also for your requirement of Shellac-Solutions in Ethanol or Water, we could offer specific solutions with solid contents up to 45%.
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