Pharmaceutical applications

Shellac has various advantages for the pharmaceutical industry, such as the excellent film forming properties, the possibility to accurately control the release rate of the drug, to mask unpleasant tastes and odors, to protect drugs effectively against moisture during storage, the status as FDA approved food additive and the easiness at which it can be handled have made shellac produced by Stroever and known under SSB Pharma to an outstanding ingredient in the pharmaceutical industry.

Characteristics of – SSB Pharma

  • Enteric coatings
  • Controlled released coatings
  • Taste masking
  • Moisture protection

Regulatory status of – SSB Pharma

  • All grades of SSB Pharma are according to the specifications and requirements of the latest amendments of the Ph.Eur. and the USP
  • Shellac is included and recognized as safe in the FDA “Inactive Ingredients Guide”
  • Shellac is an approved food additive (E904) according to annex II EC directive 1333/2008

Products of – SSB Pharma

  • SSB 55 Pharma Ph.Eur./USP
  • SSB 56 Pharma Ph.Eur./USP
  • SSB 57 Pharma Ph.Eur./USP
  • SSB Aquagold

Our service

In close cooperation with our customers, our research & development department creates ready-to-use products made of shellac and other natural raw materials that meet the most demanding standards. And certainly we offer professional consulting services for all application-related issues.