Food applications

As a renewable raw material Shellac is adopted in several areas of the food industry, e.g. as a brightener for choco-, yoghurt- and sugar candies, marzipan, wine gums and pralines, as a release agent for snacks, as a brightener for fruits. The shellac coatings intensify the gloss, seal the crown and give a glossy barrier against high humidity and high temperature. Shellac can be used in aqueous solutions and solutions in alcohol.  The solid content can be specified, as well as the strength of opacity, with or without additives for all of our SSB Splendid solutions.

Characteristics of SSB Shellac

  • Confectioners varnish
  • Release agent
  • Moisture barrier

Regulatory status of SSB Quality

  • Shellac is recognised as safe in the FDA “Inactive Ingredients Guide”
  • Shellac is an approved food additive (E904) according to annex II / 1333

SSB Qualities for Foods

  • SSB Splendid in different qualities
  • SSB Polisho in different qualities
  • SSB Flake Shellac
  • and others on request


  • Candies (e.g. choclate candies)
  • Snacks (Peanuts with choclate coating)
  • Chewing gum (glazing agent)
  • Finest pastries
  • Stamping ink for eges and other foodstuff
  • Surface treatment for fruits
  • and others

Our service

In close cooperation with our customers, our research & development department creates ready-to-use products made of shellac and other natural raw materials that meet the most demanding standards. And certainly we offer professional consulting services for all application-related issues.